Hanersun HITOUCH 5N Series Module Prevail in the Brazilian Market

From August 23rd to 25th, Intersolar South America was successfully held in São Paulo, Brazil. Hanersun HITOUCH 6 210mm large-format bifacial module and HITOUCH 5N Topcon 182mm module were on display and have received a lot of inquiries and praise from local customers, creating a new power of PV in the solar exhibition.

On the second day of the exhibition, the local PV media had an exclusive interview with Sunny Sun, the vice president of Hanersun, in which Mr. Sun said that the widespread attention that HITOUCH 5N series module has received is due to its high efficiency and cost performance, and the module efficiency is as high as to 22.44% and maximum output power up to 580W. The product is also designed with low voltage and high output to improve system efficiency and reduce BOS cost by 5%+, bringing maximum sunlight utilization benefits and high revenue to end-users.

As one of the world’s major high efficiency module manufacturers, Hanersun decided to cooperate with large local solar distributors in Brazil to vigorously promote this series of PV module in the country, and will set up local warehouses to better serve our customers in the near future.

Hanersun is also planning to launch a new type of 700W+ module by the end of the year, which will combine 210 wafers and TOPCon technology together to lead the favorable status in the large ground power plant projects, and to more deeply advance the characteristics of Hanersun’s module series of ultra-high power and ultra-high cost performance. In the future, Hanersun will continue to drive the high-quality upgrade of the PV industry, keep pace with the rising demand for solar energy worldwide.