All Module Series of Hanersun was Accredited by DEWA

At the end of June, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) announced the latest list of standard-compliant products, all series of Hanersun’s Hitouch 6/5N/5/4 high-efficiency PV modules were successfully listed in. This listing symbolizes one more milestone in Hanersun’s globalization roadmap.

All Module Series of Hanersun was Accredited by DEWA

The listed products include the ultra-high power Hitouch 6 bifacial series, which is ideal for ground-mounted power plants in desert, and the high-efficiency TOPCon module Hitouch 5N for the Shams Dubai programme. With the support of technologies such as MBB+, High-density encapsulation and non-destructive cutting, Hanersun strives to provide more reliable and efficient PV products for Dubai and other regions in the Middle East.

Together with Abu Dhabi, Dubai is known as the main power of PV installation in the UAE, and has started the Shams Dubai plan since 2015 to encourage the development of the residential and commercial PV market. And the city has also launched GW-level tenders successively, to push the PV installation expectation of UAE in 2022 to over 1GW. The Dubai authorities announced earlier this year to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030, further contributing to the carbon neutral target. At the same time, the UAE has also pledged to achieve a 50% renewable energy share in its energy mix by 2050.

Under the background of global energy transition and environmental awareness, Dubai’s demand for solar power is expanding and the market prospect is even broader. The listing of DEWA this time is not only a high recognition of Hanersun’s products, manufacturing and technology by local authorities, but also a good foundation for further expansion of Hanersun’s influence in the Middle East. Hanersun always focuses on customers’ interests, looks forward to creating higher value for the industry and customers while enhancing the win-win cooperation in the global market.